How Businesses Win as a Force for Good

About the book

Packed with insightful lessons from history and the present day, this book by pioneering sustainability business leader Paul Marushka doesn’t just prove that doing good benefits businesses. He equips the reader with the tools and expertise to make a real difference at their company and leave an important legacy.

Become a Force for Good

The Cycle of Good

“Good brings new.” It always has. But how? We explore how changing culture spurs business Lions to evolve and deliver better for their stakeholders. These are the firms that grow and thrive as the world changes – by eating the Ostriches that bury their heads in the sand.

How has “good” changed?

The Cycle of Good isn’t static. It evolves as Lions’ innovations raise our expectations. It’s a constant race to do better as new cycles split out, running simultaneously in different facets of society. Today, sustainability is at the center.

Enterprise Sustainability Management

ESM is the vehicle by which businesses can respond to sustainability as a 21st century manifestation of good. We dive into the detail – not only explaining what it is, but also how to put it into practice with real-life, applicable examples you can use.

Paul Marushka

As Sphera’s founding CEO and president, Paul Marushka is responsible for providing overall strategic leadership for the company in developing, directing and implementing go-to-market, service, product and operational plans.

Paul has grown businesses by bringing innovative solutions to market, leveraging software, analytics and technology services. Prior to the founding of Sphera, Paul served as president of Marsh ClearSight, a business unit of Marsh & McLennan, which is a leading provider of software, services and analytics for enterprise risk management, safety and compliance management and claims administration.

Paul has authored numerous articles in publications, including the United Nations Global Yearbook, on the use of analytics and technology in decision-making. He was awarded an EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Midwest Award for his dedication and leadership.

Including insights from…

In writing this book, Paul spoke with experts from all over the world of business and academia.

David Batchelor

Former Vice Chairman at Marsh

Dane Parker

Former Chief Sustainability Officer at General Motors

Hari Osofsky

Dean and Myra and James Bradwell Professor of Law at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Jacqueline Peel

Professor at Melbourne Law School and Director, Melbourne Climate Futures at University of Melbourne

How is your knowledge?

Test your knowledge of some of history’s famous Forces for Good in The Invention Test.

An essential read for anyone wanting to learn more about sustainability and how to think about it in both a pragmatic and strategic way.”

This book provides important insights into practical strategies – grounded in examples of success – for simultaneously benefiting businesses and advancing sustainability.”

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