Invention Test

Test your knowledge of some of history’s famous Forces for Good.

How Businesses Win as a Force for Good

Before we talk about the need for businesses to be a force for good in the world, let’s take a quick quiz. Who doesn’t enjoy a little trivia to get the synapses firing? It’s just a bit of fun – no prizes and no forfeits either.

These 10 multiple choice questions will test your knowledge of famous high achievers. Discover the Lions that roared into the annals of innovation – and a few unfortunate Ostriches that sank their heads in the sand.

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1. Which physician is credited with discovering penicillin (by accident)?

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2. Which famous scientist said: “Chance only favors the prepared mind?”

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3. Which company invented the digital camera?

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4. Which came earlier?

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5. Why was Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook hard to read?

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6. Which company topped the U.S. patent list for 29 consecutive years from 1993 to 2021?

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7. Which founder said: “The day has passed when business was a private matter – if it ever really was. In a business society, every act of business has social consequences”?

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8. Which of these two U.S. presidents patented an invention for buoying boats in shallow waters?

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9. Which company’s purpose reads: “We’re in business to save our home planet”?

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10. Which business could have bought Netflix for $50 million in 2000?

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